A CSO-focused approach to compliance and risk management.
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Reimagining Due Diligence

How Step Works

STEP is about more than due diligence or funding. It’s about rethinking risk and helping civil society organizations (CSOs) build the infrastructure they need to meet their missions. STEP provides a 360-degree view of a CSO’s risk management and compliance processes, helping CSOs understand and meet international standards of due diligence.

The STEP Advantage

Streamlining due diligence for funders and amplifying the voices of smaller, national CSOs.

Local expertise, local languages

Working in multiple languages, we consider donor requirements and local context to measure compliance by demonstrated processes, not checkbox requirements.

Tiered due diligence

Funders receive detailed insights about CSOs, enabling refined funding, risk assessments, and more funding to reach small, locally based, and grassroots organizations.

Detailed evaluation reports

CSOs and funders receive nuanced, comprehensive information for risk assessments, enabling grassroots CSOs to demonstrate an ability to manage resources and deliver impactful work.

Shared CSO repository

STEP’s repository of CSO assessments will allow easy access to information for funders and reduce the fragmentation and duplication of traditional due diligence assessments.

Strengthening CSOs

STEP provides tools for CSOs to learn, build capacity, and get funding.
Transformational evaluations

Transformational evaluations

CSOs receive nuanced, comprehensive information to empower local CSOs and help them build the infrastructure they need to meet their missions.
Resource portal (Coming soon!)

Resource portal (Coming soon!)

Access to low-cost and locally accessible learning tools, courses, and training helps CSOs identify and address areas for organizational strengthening and capacity building.

Prioritizing Data Ownership and Security

CSOs own their data and their evaluation reports. We prioritize CSO data privacy and ownership above all else. No information (personal data or otherwise) is shared with a third party without the CSO’s express consent. This is a cornerstone of the STEP program.

Stay in Step with STEP

Partners and Supporters


Confident giving, worldwide

Leadership for STEP is provided by TechSoup staff in the United States and the United Kingdom and at our regional centers in Africa and Asia Pacific. We work closely with West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF), the Centre for Mexican Philanthropy (Cemefi), and Phambano Technology Development Centre in South Africa.

STEP draws from the collective expertise of existing due diligence–related programs managed by the TechSoup Global Network, including NGOsource and Validation Services.

The TechSoup Global Network of over 60 partner CSOs serves more than 1.3 million organizations worldwide with unique local programs and access to international philanthropy.